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Environmental consultant

Graduating in Biology with a major in Zoology and then doing a master’s degree in Environmental Management and Engineering
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I am Pere Alzina i Bilbeny, born in Arenys de Mar. This small town is filled with bookworms and artists and, perhaps because of this, its people are nicknamed “setciències”, or “know-alls”. I was brought up here, with one foot in the mountains –the Corredor and Montnegre hills – and the other on the Mediterranean coast, one day walking among pines and holm oaks and another watching gulls and other seabirds behind the seine fishing boats returning to harbour in Arenys. After finishing high school I went on to university, graduating in Biology with a major in Zoology and then doing a master’s degree in Environmental Management and Engineering. In the course of my career I worked for some years in the field of environmental education in the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, in the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà and in the Corredor i Montnegre Natural Parkbefore plunging into the world of technical environmental consultancy. After several years spent drawing up studies, audits and project plans for two environmental consultancies, I now work as a freelance environmental consultant. I am also an environmental adviser and verifier of golf courses, accredited by the Golf Environment Organization. I therefore work in both in the private sector and for the authorities, both here and abroad. I combine my work as a consultant with that of a nature guide, both here in Catalonia (in the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, Corredor i Montnegre and Montserrat Natural Parks, among others) and in the natural paradises of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus.


Nature guide, prelector...and more...

I have an insatiable thirst to learn and a humanist vein, fruit of my pedagogical past that is expressed in numerous conferences
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As I loved my work in education and still miss it, I have never stopped giving talks and lectures on subjects ranging from bird song to waste management or the arrival of the American agave on the Iberian Peninsula.

However, apart from my academic background and my professional profile, I should point out that I have an unquenchable thirst for learning and an irrepressible humanistic streak which means that I love cinema, music, literature, etymology, painting, the origins and families of languages, the history and geography of Catalonia, Europe and the world… This passion for knowledge may go back to when I was 11 and entered the world of Catalan walking and hiking. Since then I have tramped over many of the natural settings of my country and climbed its best-known peaks. It may also be because Europe has stolen my heart and so I have never stopped travelling around it since I went on my first “InterRail” tour twenty years ago. Since then I have visited nearly every country in Europe, from Portugal to Tatarstan, from Gibraltar to Finland, from Norway to Malta, from Transnistria to Ireland… always immersing myself in the history of the land I am treading and the different languages, religions and cultures to which it is home.  

So… there it is! Now I place at your disposal my knowledge, my experience and my love for my country, its landscape and its most outstanding architectural and natural features. 

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